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Student Testimonials

"During my time with Dave I learnt a wide variety of songs and techniques which enhanced my playing greatly.  I always felt relaxed in my lessons and as if there was no pressure on me to get it right first time.  I was a complete beginner when I first started with Dave and we built up over the 4 year time period to improve every aspect of my playing and all round guitar knowledge."

Dom Abbott

"Dave is a brilliant guitar teacher and even in the short time he tutored me, my playing got considerably better and I could play things that I never would've even attempted to play before I started with Dave!  I would recommend him as a tutor to anyone."

Ben Robinson

"Coming into the first lesson as a relatively new guitarist focused on learning power chords, Dave quickly gauged my base knowledge and helped expand on the foundations, teaching great guitar techniques and song structure fundamentals that I still use today.  Since learning with Dave, I have gone on to perform in two bands, both of completely different musical styles and guitar playing."

Matt Squibb

"No matter what your level or your aims this really is the guy to go to.  Highly professional and a really good listener.  Like any good teacher he understands his students aims and abilities and is able to get results."

Matthew Stanton

"Having guitar lessons with Dave really helped me when I was starting out.  I have just graduated from Kingston University with a degree in Music Technology, his lessons gave me the confidence to pursue music as a career not just a hobby."

Richard Ingala

"Dave taught me many valuable techniques and skills that helped develop my musical ability, where I can now competently play many different styles of guitar, such as acoustic fingerstyle.  As a result of starting with Dave, I have been influenced by many different guitarists such as mutual idol Tommy Emmanuel, who I met and played for."

Benny Clark

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